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Why choose The Juice?

The Nuhn family has spent over two decades developing Canada's leading line of forage preservatives. With continuous product development and innovation - our goal is to provide the best solutions to forage preservation.

“The Juice” represents our commitment to serious hay producers. This buffered, propionic acid based hay preservative improves colour retention, feed value and bale weights. This ensures that you receive a premium price for your product, one that maximizes your profitability and reduces costly spoilage losses.

Our innovative products are manufactured in accordance with Agriculture Canada CFIA guidelines which include inspection of all storage & mixing equipment, record keeping and quality control measures.

Our dedication to customer service & environmental stewardship is well known in the hay industry. We inspect, clean and re-use not only our containers, but our competitors as well, further reducing your costs and relieving you of the environmentally sensitive problem of disposing unwanted containers.

For these reasons The Juice is the product of choice for forage preservation. 

The Juice – Hay Preservative

The Juice – Straw Preservative

Our demonstration plot located in near Stratford, Ontario ensures that The Juice remains the leader in forage preservation. Our research is only part of our commitment to you.

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